Side Straddle Hops


Finkle Swings

Boardwalk Mosey (1/2 Mile according to the

The Thang

I like things to come out even; makes nice round numbers for my backblast.  And, given that there are only 32 light poles and 32 columns on the waterfront, and this would lead to an uneven BB; we started with 8 burpess and 14 merkins.

3 Merkins at each Light-Column (110)

1 Burpee at each Lightless-Column (40)

The plan was to go down and back, but YHC had mercy on the PAX with which he was entrusted.  Besides, summer is around the corner and we could all use more Mary to further develop our six-packs.

Snake Native American Run back to Shovel Flag

Deck of Death (Mary Edition)

Cards 6 – Face out of Deck, with caveat that each card, Ace – 5, gets at zero added (Ace=10, 2 =20, 3=30 . . .)

Hearts – WW2

Spades – Boat/Canoe

Clubs – American hammers

Diamonds – Monkey Crunches

Joker – Partner up:     Everyone planks while 1 partner pulls ≈100lb tire ≈ 25 yards, and other partner responsible for returning tire to original position.  Switch until all pairs complete.

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