Slaughter Starter (20 burpess OYO)

21s (We don’t get it right, return to Slaughter Starter; so . . . we returned to the Slaughter Starter)

Punch-up Merkins (10 IC)

Deathstar (8 cones is Star-esque pattern)                                            o

30 merkins at star-tips                                                           o                              o

Lunges in between (≈ 30 yrds)                                 o                                                    o

10 burpees in the middle                                                       o                              o


The Gross – in a hat (each exercise on a slip of paper in a hat in the center and each Pax picked a slip)

WWI sit-ups                    WWI sit-ups                          American Hammers

Burpees                          Burpees                                Burpees

Diamond Merkins           Wide-grip Merkins                 WMD

Sumo Squats                  Monkey Humpers                 Squats

For a grand total of 136 Merkins and 116 Burpees


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