03′, June 2019. Hold the Mayo, Cuz’ BB&T or BLT showed as YHC was privy to lead these men this gloom. Patch N Just the Tip=EC rucker rooed. No FNG’s Disclaimer. And, Off like a dirty shirt.

Monkey Humpers (keep your heads up). Stretch to right then left. SSH with (Can Can dancing to modify)

Peoples Chair. Started a 5 count with Spinal Tap to get it out of the way. Headed toward Mount Boyd Lee by way of my water bottle. Counted off by twos-two teams. While a man would bear crawl 40 yards and complete a burpee and return bear crawl, other members were flip flopping with merkins and flutter kicks. Richard Simmons has got to get his mojo back; he dropped it out there.

Bookworm called out the Q for Possom resting after the demo round. PAX were loving this. Better than grits and red-eye gravy.

Crossed the drive for 4 rounds of Butkis (rapid one minute step ups) with the last round with hallelujahs. This done while Fia ran, jogged, walked by waving.

Tire toting each while PAX shifted and maintained various plank positions.

Still in teams. We completed ‘Men-Makers’. The variation instead of 5 burpees was 3 burpees. (Men-Maker=with dumbells, 1 merkin, burpee with weights, merkin, then bear carawll 5 steps; merkin, burpee, merkin, crawl………

Well, that wrapped it up as we got back to the shovel flag at 6:15 in time to count it off. Great work men!! If you cannot Q it don’t do it. Thank you Just the Tip.

COT: Patch-2.0; Duff’s mom; Abu’s dad and King Pin Prostate treatment; UNC and Vidant discussion; Connie, double mastectomy by Richard Simmons; Our Nation. YHC prayed us out.

Announcements: Sasquatch 7/27-sign up. Easy Rider has Q at Eagle’s Ridge-ECU stadium; Deep Dish Wednesday BLP; Patch at Ruckready.

Cold-Cut is ………………..out brothers

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