• When: 01/15/18
  • QIC: All PAX in the NAG

“Do your days seem to drag?

Get in the NAG.

Are you starting to sag?

Get in the NAG.

Does your energy lag?

Get in the NAG.”

        String Bean

Launch Date: January 15, 2018

End Date: February 15, 2018

Purpose: Lock shields with fellow PAX of F3ENC to set nutritional goals and hold each other accountable.


1.      Join the group (Gazelle or anyone in the group can add you on Twitter)

2.      Set a goal (ie. Weight loss, energy gain, less fast food, ect)

3.      Make a plan (be specific with this, and get support from the group)

4.      Hold each other accountable (weekly check-ins and encouragement throughout the week)

5.      Assess your success/failures and adjust as necessary (again use the group for support)


The idea for this group is an outgrowth of the group that formed around training for the Blue Ridge Relay 2017. To quote String Bean again,

“The best I have ever felt in my life – health wise – was right before the BRR. The accountability was super strong with setting mileage goals, keeping track, reporting in, and repeating. Then we scratched the surface on nutrition by sharing smoothie and meal ideas… It was awesome. The more you post and share and put in, the more you get out.”  

We have all experienced the difference between working out at the gym alone verse locking shields with your brothers in the gloom and pushing each other farther than either one of you would go on your own. Why would the same not be true when it comes to our nutrition? We may all have different goals when it comes to our diet just like we do when we post in the gloom. That shouldn’t hinder us from being able to sharpen each other.



This will be a competition between teams. Teams consist of 3-5 guys who will be each others accountability partners. Once assigned to a team, they will create their own Mini-NAG. The Big NAG will be for trashtalk, picks of your food, and other things that will motivate guys to eat healthy.

Meet your goals – 50  points (this is why setting  measurable goals is important)

Follow your plan – 10 points per week (four weeks) – make sure your plans are specific

Active on your group – 10 points

Total – 100 points

The team with the highest average number of points between its members wins the 30 day NAG competition. (Honor Code)


2018, Get NAGgy with it!





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