Hellos happened, finding out what we did over this Memorial Week-end. Hope we remembered that we would not have been able to meet had it not been for the sacrifices of Veterans. Being thankful for those serving is a Blessing. Two Flags planted and we were off like a dirty shirt.

Good Evenings were the first order this Gloom (leaning backward, stretching our backs). Stretched left, right, down the middle straight to Monkey Humpers finishing with SSH to warm us up.

Merkin 1/2 miler. Partnered up doing Partner Merkins, starting with 20, run 1/2 mile then 19. Flap jack back to starting point, then 18. Etc…..going down to 1. Got to know each other a bit better during this time as we were in each other’s face (literally).

Circle Benches of Pain: 10 Count Dirkins down the line; staying in position into upward dog stretching for our backs. Roll over into some 10 Count IRKINS down the line. (Smoked Toast about this time)

Mosed toward Blackbeard’s Statue doing side runs. At the statue 200 Dips while partner ran the steps (about 50 each before we kept on smoking)

Headed back toward starting point with some side way runs, stopping in the grass for some Mary. Each PAX led a 10 count of the favorite poison. Box Cutter, Flutter, Freddy Mercuries (Italian Stallion called out the Possum), etc….

COT: YHC praying us out. Stallion family traveling over seas, Duff’s mom in the passing of his dad. Possible back surgery for Rootin’s mother. King Pin beginning radiation treatments. Our young people. Our Nation.  Jesus died for us. Jesus Loves You. We don’t have to carry it any longer.

Sasquatch sign up. Lunch at Minnesota’s House. He’s ordering out. He will not be there, lol!! Lunch somewhere although. Check thee twitter.

Thanks men. Great work.

Cold Cut out……….Come next time to Eagle’s Ridge.

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