What a great day to be at Eagle’s Ridge. We started out with a normal warmup to get us in the mood…side straddle hops, good mornings, good evenings, arm circles and various stretches. We moved on down the line to the circle benches and enjoyed the four minute merkin where we held for a minute the plank, arms bent, a low plank and then back to a straight arm plank. We then moseyed to the other circle bench area and spent some time doing dips in the same fashion.

Next we paired up where facing each other for encouragement one person would do the seated chair against the wall and the other did hallelujahs until someone fatigued. We did that a couple of times and then moved on over to the Elmhurst workout playground. There we did oyo stations for five minutes followed by the 1/4 mile mosey around the field. Next we did imperial walkers for 50 yards and headed back to the flag for ab work which included American hammers, WWIs, LBCs, flutter kicks, Freddy Mercuries, and other fun things.

It was fun, it hurt and we would love to see you out there with us.

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