Only 5 PAX showed up on the first day following Easter, and YHC has a good workout planned to shed some of abundant calories from this past weekend. I had envisioned this workout for a while now and was waiting for the opportunity to lead it. It was a brisk 55 degrees at 5:30 and we nestled up around the flag to get our muscles loose and ready for work. It went a little something like this

15 SSH’s
15 Good Mornings
10 High Knees
10 Butt Kickers
5 Burpees

Mosey to the Hill

10 merkins and run to bottom hill, 10 merkins and run back to top
10 squats and run to bottom hill, 10 squats and run back to top

Mosey over to bus stop in large parking lot

Run to the other side – at each lightpole do 10 merkins (merkins, wide arm, ranger, diamond)
Same thing on way back

Mosey back to hill
Lunge to top of hill and mosey back to flag

10 Merkins
10 squats
50 hallelujahs
5 burpees

Mosey to new tailgate field with new pressbox
Partner Up
One partner bear crawl/lunge to second light pole while other partner plankjacks
One partner bear crawl/lunge to first light pole and then come back backwards while other partner Imperial Walkers

Mosey to Circle at front of walkway to new pressbox
Wimpy Legs 10 x Jump Squats, Lunge Jumps, and Mule Kicks

Mosey back to flag

Plank until 5:30

Italian Stallions daughter at ECU
Sri Lanka situation
YHC trip with Cobra Kai

Slim Jim has Q at the rush on Thursday
Lunch Tuesday – check Slack and twitter for location


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