13 PAX kept it simple today. We ran! YHC loves running and anytime YHC gets to Q this is what we will be doing.

Tha Thang

Headed right out of Elmhurst Park parking lot and did the following;

Left on 10th

Left on Charles   (Felt the burn on the slight incline from Charles to Gville Blvd)

Left on Greenville Blvd

Left on Elm

Went back for the 6 @ Charles, Greenville blvd and Elm


Prayer Requests/ Praises

  • Prayers for the young teens in Emerald Isle that were involved in a drowning incident. For the young man that is no longer with us and for the young lady that continues to fight, also for the family and friends that are supporting them through this heart breaking time.


YHC closed out this beautiful morning with a prayer.


Lunch will be at Lemon Grass today at Noon

Next Wednesday (05/01/2019) Uno De Mayo at Tapped (See Aquaman for details)

There will be a movie night at Tortoises place and “Tombstone” will be showing. YHC is not sure on the date.  



This was my second Q and I really enjoyed it. It might not have been the most creative and I also heard that the route has been run before. I am just grateful that I could be in the gloom with my brothers and get better together. I heard a quote the other day that I wanted to share “If you want to truly be successful you must follow at least one rule, never lie to yourself”. This landed heavily on my mind because I think we all go through times where we might make excuses to not be in the gloom and get better. I know I sure do. But I find a way to get out there and I  thank God everyday that I am given that opportunity, as simple as it is. Thank you again for providing the brotherhood and also the accountability that I need to journey into the pain cave and get better!


Shake and Bake out!





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