11 PAX gathered at 6 am for EC and good mileage. We followed the trash truck around Greenville.

Workout: In 1932 ECU was outscored 187-0, so collectively we did 187 prisoner get ups. ECU football got it’s first W in 1933 with a 6-0 win over Campbell. We did 6 burpees.

The PAX were divided into Purple and Gold teams and TLs were chosen.

Swift ruck to the parking garage.  There teams would compete moving a 40# sandbag up the stairs with a side plank pass.  It pays to be a winner. Gold won despite Purple cheating!

Next, 2 team members of each group carried a 35 yeti and 40# sandbag while the other members went down and back up the stairs. Upon return 2 new team members tagged out.  It was a race to the bottom. Gold won!

Reward – 2 minutes of Peoples Chair and 2 minutes of Balls To The Wall.

File back into formation and ruck towards the river.

At 2nd St. parking lot we would have another friendly relay. As suicide relay while the PAX did Merkins. Purple won!

Another swift ruck to an uncharted hill.  The last relay of the day was a sandbag carry up the hill.  Purple won!

We had 7 minutes to get back so both teams killed it back to the flag.


Unemployed PAX, Dex’s wife, Vanilla’s M’s uncle, Mayhem’s family, Jock Itch’s brother(s), BRR PAX


9/11 convergence, Grow Ruck, Gameday run

Moleskin – Today was the celebration of a 1 year manniversary I didn’t think I would ever be a part of.  It had been a year since I had the privilege of Q’ing. Initially I never dreamed I would be inactive and out of the Q loop for a year.  Then, during my spinal fusion and subsequent recovery, I suppose there were times that I thought I would never Q again.  Well, God is good and although I’m not quite as good as I once was, I am as good once as I ever was.  What a joy it was to lead such a great group of men again. Thanks to String Bean and the PAX for the gift – A self titled novel “The Pied Piper.”


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