YHC showed up to Eagles Ridge prepared to introduce some of my Peanuts friends to a pax that was not around in 2015 when some of this workout was originally Q’ed.  2 kotters- Brimstone and Vandelay showed up along with some East Side hoodlums and a few others. I gave disclaimer and since no warmups are allowed we began.

Run at best pace to lower lot towards Charles and partner up with someone you do not know or know slightly.  We begin Schroder’s ( piano player -88 keys). As a team do 88 merkins and 88 squats. YHC partnered with a late to the game MAYHEM who claims I started 2 minutes early. Ok Mayhem,whatever you say.  Run to charles via path and plank for six.

Lt. Dan’s up sidewalk toward RR overpass. 1 squat to 4 lunges each leg , increasing 2:8, 3:12,4:16 and so on until you reach speed limit sign. Lots of math problems with this Pax. When you reach speed limit sign run to Rite Aid and hold plank for six.

Partner 1 on curb by building, Partner 2  at curb by Charles. 1 bear crawls while 2 does squats. Tag and reverse for 2-3 rounds. 1 Lunges while 2 does squats. Tag and reverse. Run to other side of building . 1 runs at best pace while 2 squats, tag and reverse a few time. Head to Mt. Mellow Johnny North. Dips x 20 led by someone, Step ups timed 1 minute, Irkins x 20, step ups, Derkins x20 , step ups. Partner at opposites again and 1 sprint while 2 does some exercise. Run across 14th street up hill to Rock Springs . Plank for six. Lt Dans 1:4 squat: lunges until you reach dorms. Run to parking lot on other side of dorms.

Partners and opposite ends. 1 runs while 2 does Peppermint Patties ( copperhead squat, merkin, copperhead squat is one). Tag and repeat until some car invades the lot. Run back to circular circle of concrete at stadium. Get the six.

Step ups over and back 1 minute timed. 7 merkins, Step ups, 14 merkins, step ups, 21 merkins. One leg squats right leg x 10, one leg squats, left leg x10. Mosey back to flags.

21 flutter kicks IC led by Brimstone, 14 flutter kicks led by Brimstone. Some Mary exercise led by O Town while I went for camera.


Great to Q such and august Pax today. Hard work put in by all. T claps to Vandelay back after ACL surgery. We did our best to get the six today. Sound like Baby Ruth may be site Q at West Side Story. Lunch today somewhere. Houdini is the Q. Happy Hour Humpday Wednesday at Tapped. Check twitter/slack for more.

Prayers for KingPin who has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and is awaiting further information and plan of care. Kingpin also lost Maggie , their 15 year old dog last week. Prayers for first responders. Prayers for Brimstone and students as they spend weekends helping others with needs from the hurricane. Prayers for Hot Pursuit neck/back and possible surgery.

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