On a  gloomy, Scooby Doo fog kind of morning we met at the stadium and started the workout with a normal round of warmups and stretches. We then proceeded to the stairs where we teamed up and one group of pax hopped up the stairs and ran back down to trade places with a pax that did LBCs for the first round, WWIs for the second and WWIIs for the third round. We then did a total of 100 calf raises on the steps taking two brief brakes to complain about the burn….

Next we moseyed to the wall near the benches and here we experienced our first round of freedom. We all started in the people’s chair and then had one pax run to the meadow and back. Once they returned the next pax rant to the meadow and returned. The freedom was the ability to choose and alternate on your own schedule between the people’s chair, a low plank hold, or balls to the wall. After that we began a series of shoulder exercises to 30 using a four count cadence. the exercises were hallelujahs, 90 degree arm elbow touches, forward arm circles, revers arm circles and over head claps. We then moseyed to the exercise playground at the elementary school.

Once at the playground we experienced freedom again. We divided into two groups and one group ran to the original circle and back while the other group got to do whatever exercise on the workout equipment they wanted to. Once the running pax returned we switched until the second group returned from their run. We then moseyed to the nearby benches and experienced freedom yet again. For one minute you could choose to do either step ups, merkins, derkins or erkins or a bear crawl around the group. We then concluded with a run back to the original circle where we completed a round of stretches.

A good time was had by all and we would like to invite you to attend another exciting workout next Tuesday at Eagle’s Ridge.

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