It was a little bit of a surprise Q for YHC.  The original Q had many other things going on and wasn’t going to be able to make it.  Instead, they shoulder tapped YHC to Q.  YHC didn’t really have a plan until the morning of.  Looking back at when Abu Q’d the Oval, he had the PAX run 300m sprints.  YHC remembers how it was such a unique distance and wanted to present everyone with the same beatdown.  So, 0530 came about and it was time to…



700m Jog

100m of High Skips, Butt-Kickers and Straight Legged Lifts



10 x 300m Sprints (100m Walking Cool-Down)

4 x 200m Sprints (100m Walking Cool-Down)

1600m Jog



Prayers for Situation’s Co-Worker

Prayers for Hot Spot trying to overcome an injury

Praise for another Feed the 5000 event

Feed the 5000 will be on 12/19



Although there were limited PAX at the Oval, we were able to have good conversations while still completely obliterating our hearts, lungs and legs.  Hope everyone has a blessed day.

– Captain Obvious

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