After 6 showed up for EC ruck at 4:40 and got in close to two miles, we gathered around the flag to get started. Bearded Jester had mentioned to YHC last week that we needed to break in my new purple ruck, and the best way to get started would be to serve as a Q for ruck ready. BJ also expected to hear some jokes from YHC, pulling from my vast repertoire. YHC started with one about constipation before getting into the serious business of our workout.

Warm up: good mornings (15)

The thang:

Moseyed over to Wintergreen bus loop

Circled up to work on 4 exercises in cadence:

12 x ruck thrusters
12 x curls for the girls
12 x Russian twists (cadence in our best Russian accent)
12 x flutterkicks with rucks overhead

Indian ruck around the bus loop and back to the beginning.

We did 3 total sets of the 4 exercises and Indian ruck.

Moseyed over to the parking lot next to the community garden

11’s of plank ruck pull throughs and squats (lots of mumblechatter about dirty rucks and if YHC would clean them after)

Rucked around the full path and back to the flag to make it back by 6:15!

COT: injured PAX, safe travels, and other prayers for healing

Moleskin: Since YHC had his first post at ruck ready back in February, I have good memories of this place. It was a great morning with some good laughs, and everyone was in great spirits despite the crazy humidity. Thanks BJ for the chance to Q! Appreciate it.

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