Tuesday after Blue Ridge Relay…quads still sore and glad I didn’t have a Q on the calendar because I probably would not have been able to go up another damn hill!  But to keep it interesting, I gave the Pax a choice, split in 2 groups or stay together.  By show of hands, not one person chose to split up and compete against each other.  So, we stayed as one group, at least for about the first mile.

Directions were given to leave Elm Street Park and head to Greenville Blvd., left and take it all the way to 10th street and left at Burger King.  Then, head back to Elm Street, a perfect 4 mile loop.  Slim Jim and The Closed Hand called an audible on Greenville Blvd and chose to detour for a “shortcut” through Jaycee Park.

It was a nice mosey under a 10 minute pace, only achievable due to the cooler temps for this guy.  We got back a little early and YHC told the group it was OYO for the last 8 minutes.  A few of us had completed the loop and said No Mas!

Twelve was the count.

Prayers for Aquaman’s mother and some family issues, Gary Dillon, Job Hunters…

YHC prayed us out.

It is amazing how we’ve accomplished so much together as a group, physically and mentally.  The sad clown syndrome is real and apparent in our society today and we should all look for those signs in our male friends.  Due to the current situation in our society, we should remember that Love is the greatest request from GOD!



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