POA (Pledge of Allegiance) . SSH>Run a lap up Mt. Murphy. Head to Gate 6, Circling. We completed 10 of everything. Leading Players are: Patch – Burpees. Charlie Brown – SALAD SQUATS (slow and low and deep). Showboat – Jump squats. Titanic – Lunges (2 is 1). Mr. Heyman – V-Ups.

Briskly walking between pain stations.

Gate 9. Gate 1. Towne Tower. Gate 4. Tennis court side of Natatorium on the side-walk. Front Corner of Natatorium. (Rinsed and Repeated. Let anybody do the math= a lot. I believe 70 o everything).

Circle up at Gate 6 to now experience shoulder and arm pain, as we brought Sally Up….6:15

These men followed instructions. It can take a while, but that’s how we all learn!

Moments heard: In cadence. What’s that? Boom, I can’t hear you! Begin. Let me start over. Moments unheard: ??; maybe OTown…..the old hole, lol.

YHC prayed us out: Darantula-surgery. HOKA-leg broken. McInerry-police officer who died. 4 Leaf. Padre leading a group Sundays at 8. Men seen and unseen, reach out. Ratched, still improving. Our Nation. Military. Those who serve. Get some F-3 cards to distribute. Young folks who died over a week ago in auto crash. Our sons. Our Daughters. Our M’s.

Sasquatch 7/31/21. Coat-Hanger is Support Lead: Powerade, H20. Ruckers/Runners invited, LOL. Q-Source after the Commons on Sundays in the Bunker, (parking deck at 4th and Cotanche; 6:45).

Cold Cut Out


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