4:40 EC Ruck: Patch, Skynyrd, Rachet, Padre,Spinal Tap

WARM UP: Hallelujahs, M Phelps,SSH, Hillibillies

Tha Thang:

STAIRS: 7’s-4 count merkins/run up stairs /copperhead squats etc.

WALL: Partner Peoples Chair with high knees-switch/rinse and repeat
4 ct Chicken peckers(remember that includes Tap)

CEMENT CIRCLE;11’S Catalina Wine Mixers/lunges/dips

MEADOW: Lt Dans all the way down
Bear Crawl to each tree then 5-10-15-20 and finally 25 merkins at the end

STAIRS: Partnerup 50 merkins/100 squats/150 LBC while partner runs up and down the stairs

Back to the WALL:”what month were ya born” Peoples Chair(’cause I know Tap has a February (2) birthday)

5 min MARY and DONE!!

Prayers: 5 Pounds of Possum hip, injured Pax, Pax on the job search

Announcements: Do Something that Sucks each and EVERY day!

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