A few weeks ago, Novocaine asked another PAX to Q next week while we were running and he said OK, then Novocaine said RedBox you have the next week. YHC was not sure if he was serious or just joking around but figured he would DM me to confirm.  Did not hear anything so went on my merry way.  Then last night he said he was serious and should have hit me up last week. So YHC said yes and the rest is history.

It was warm this morning and had some serious humidity so all the PAX got a good taste of how the next few months are going to be running in the ENC. Even though the route was easy, everyone was caught a little off guard and noticed that the days of those nice easy, cool runs in the morning were over.


Not required

The Thang


Arlington to Evans

Evans to greenway

Greenway to Ficklen

Ficklen to Elm St

Elm St to Greenville Blvd

Greenville Blvd to Arlington

Arlington back to the Rush


Count O Rama and Name O Rama

Prayer requests

Injured PAX

StringBean’s Mother

Anxiety, stress related to pandemic

Closed with prayer.



Ricky Bobby VQ at commons this Sunday

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