Glad to do my first Q, my VQ, and like most firsts, hope to do it better the second time.  The Sandlot has become my Tuesday morning home, glad to enjoy another morning with my brothers.  We took a few turns to avoid some busy roads, and it led to us staying together and catching the 6 frequently, great morning to observe the fellowship.  Cheetah brought his drone for a great picture, taken first, and throwing us all off, especially yours truly.

The Thang:

Started at Parks and Rec, proceeded onto (right) Sylvania, left Agne, right Primrose, left Main, right Ragland, left Little, right Cannon, right Channel, left Old Tar, left Vernon White, left Railroad, left Sylvania or Blount, back to the flag.  We had 14 to 16 turns, not including EC and getting full time in at end.  Grammar, Shake and Tonka did some tempo miles and got plenty extra coming back to us a few times.  We caught the 6 at Main, at Channel, and at Railroad.


  • Hot Spot’s eyes and face while visiting family, coming home for further evaluation
  • Cousin IT has to talk with son’s basketball couch
  • Half-pipe’s job interview and waiting to hear
  • Tonka’s friend, who is immunocompromised, diagnosed with COVID-19
  • Prayers for schools, should know more on July 1


  • Sasquatch on August 1, can participate in person and virtually
  • Dad’s camp, more details needed
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