Four turkeys got fattened up for the feast.

Don Quixote
Imperial Walkers

After a lap around the school we hit the benches at the entrance to fatten up breasts, wings, thighs, and legs.
Breast – Irkins
Wings – Dips
Thighs – Squats
Legs – Calf Raises
Rinse and repeat

To the track, where we did breasts and wings at one end, alternating with legs and thighs at the other (with a little turkey trot in between).
Breast – Merkins
Wings – Hallelujahs
Thighs – Squats
Legs – Calf Raises
Rinse and repeat x2

Back to the driveway curb for more Irkins and Dips.

Some People’s Chair on the wall with Uppercuts, Hallelujahs, and We’re Not Worthy.

Another lap around the school.

Hello Dolly

COT: Prayers for safe and happy gatherings over Thanksgiving, travel mercies, injured PAX, and families gathering after suffering a loss.

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