We had a large showing for EC but unfortunately a few fellas had to leave missed the real fun.

Welcome FNG Brian Taylor F3 Heat Miser

Warm up; SSH, LBAC front and back, seal claps, wolverine burpees 10

Ruck with sandbags to parking garage.  Perform PT at bottom, level 3 and top.  Bear crawl a flight and lunge another.  We had a little fun at the top with a young couple and ended the garage visit with monkey humpers.  Rucked with heavy stuff and more PT on the way back to the flag.

We ended the day with a good old fashioned bear crawl relay.


Volunteer opportunity at 3rd St School, Home of 116, on 12/19 at 0800 (right after the workout).  They need help moving some heavy stuff.  Should be easy for F3 studs.


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