EC: at 4:40-3 including YHC

5:30- Pledge the Flag

“Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”

“Bagged and Tagged” WOD

4 Rounds 8 minutes each
Partner up

Partner A rucks up, sandbags up-ruck from flag to halfway down to the Tower

Partner B rucks up and performs AMRAP
*20 Sandbag Squats
*15 Sandbag Cleans
*10 Sandbag Step over Burpees

Partner A tags partner B and Flip/Flop

Finish with “60 for 60”
Sandbag cleans with toss over head, flip and sandbag burpee-AMRAP


Bullfrogs mother in law
Punch outs friend Heart condition
Cold Cut abnormal colonoscopy
Pied Piper knee scope
Wimpies 2.0 Covid
Padres granddaughter Covid

Announcement: Prepare for GRT

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