Lots of Mumblechatter lately about Mayhem’s timeliness, so there was no way YHC was going to be late this morning! Buried shovel flag at 5:25, greeted all PAX, met Just The Tip, Red Tape, and Chateau whom I had never met before, and we started promptly at 5:30am

Warm Up

No FNG’s. Disclaimer……I am not a professional…….so follow me!  Ran out of the gate to the first sidewalk intersection

  • Good Mornings x 10
  • Good Nights x 10

Run to the second sidewalk intersection

  • SSH x 10

Run past the 3rd intersection; Had the PAX line up for Wall Sit’s down the outfield fence line with arms extended.

  • High Knees all the way down the line
  • Resume wall sit until all PAX had completed

Run to the driveway intersection

  • Low Slow Squats x 10

Run back to the shovel flag


YHC let the PAX know we were going at least 4 rounds with Mike Tyson.  Run the half mile loop with

  • LBC’s at the back intersection x 30
  • Mike Tysons x 10 at the shovel flag
  • Rinse and repeat x 4 = 2 miles

PAX then gathered at the bottom of the driveway and held plank for the six;

  • Lt Dans up the driveway for the last 5 minutes til 6:15; run back to the shovel flag

Count O Rama and Name O Rama

Prayer Requests

Gamecock’s teammate at Clemson passed away from Leukemia; leaves behind a wife and two teenage girls

Candy Cane’s middle 2.0 having tonsillectomy and adenoids removed

Gazelle’s Grandmother (91) in Elizabeth City; sick and nearing end of life; prayers for her and the family

Sportworks Ministry – several PAX attended an event last night; Chuck Young and coaches to make impact and share His word.


Stabler is Q Thursday at Clydesdales, Westside triple Q with Grammar and Chimi on Friday, and 116 on Saturday!

Anybody wants to meet Candy Cane in Tucker neighborhood on Saturday at 5am for 1/2 Marathon Ruck, let him know

February Challenge! FNG’s and Kotters!


Had a great time this morning as Q. Enjoy posting at “the Mothership” BLP and meeting new PAX.  Worked with Chateau this morning and shared with him my experience when I first started F3. Good headlock by Gazelle to get him out to the Gloom. Can’t wait to see how F3 impacts his life! Backhoe is looking for Q’s for March and April for Buildup. Step up and Q !  Number one….you get to control the workout. Two…..it gives you motivation to defeat the fartsack on a rainy ass day like today.  Three…..it’s an opportunity to give it away and share with PAX newer to F3 and help make a difference. Just do it. Iron sharpens Iron!


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