The Idea: Lately the BRR mumblechatter has been picking up which has YHC excited.  BRR was the first race that afterwards I said I would do it again.  It challenged me not only during that 30 hour window of non-stop running and action, but the months leading up the the CSAUP event.  So my thought was how can I introduce hill training when we don’t have any hills at The Oval?

The Thang:

1200m Indian Run for Warmup around the Oval.

Set 1: 100 meter Fartleks – Sprint the curves and jog the straights. 4 laps total

Set 2 (mini hill): 50 meter sprint coming out of the curves easy on the rest. 4 laps total

Set 3 (climbing):  150 meters easy, 50 meter sprint with 5 jump squats then 100 meter sprint, 250 easy (the hill climb was only the back stretch/corner)

800 m Indian Run Cool down


Traveling Pax to events

March Madness Brackets


Moleskin: This mornings workout was a fun one.  Set 1 was to work on the fast twitch muscles for a longer period to get them firing and ready for set 2 and 3.  Set 2 was to mirror a mini hill climb.  Running easy and then exploding into a short sprint is like going up hill.  Set 3 was the hill. Sprinting hard for explosiveness, jump squats then coming out of a jump squat for a hard sprint felt like climbing a hill.  The idea was to introduce a different mindset at the AO.  Track work can be on speed but also power which is what we worked on.

Again YHC is looking forward to BRR.  As mentioned this was a challenging CSAUP event, but the beauty was the 5 months leading up to it.  Countless blackops mornings, posting at run AO, and sweating our butt off in the July gloom with your brothers is all worth it.  This past weekend Fleet Feet training program groups finished their goal race at the Tobacco Road 13.1/26.2.  And a group member summed up CSAUP events perfectly.  Basically the emotion that takes over during and after the race isn’t from your personal satisfaction of doing the event, its from the countless weeks leading up to it that you sacrifice for the end result.  Knowing that you put in the work and sometimes when people aren’t watching, that’s the true reward.  God bless brothers!

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