So today I had to live up to Candy Cane’s promise of rowing into a sea of kettlebell oblivion so I decided to just throw everything I had in them


-Run to stoplight

-10 Micheal Phelps (5 each side)

-KB Halos (5 each side)


For the first part of the workout, I had everyone partner up and we completed

-200 (between the pair) double KB Squats

-200 (between the pair) single KB swing

-100 (between the pair) double KB shoulder press

after each of the sets, the pairs ran to the second tree out and back

After that beatdown, we moved to the shelter and moved to…

6-minute AMRAP (8 reps each exercise)

1.Tricep extensions w/ KB/ Squats/ WWII

2. KB high pull/ super step ups/ flutter counts (4-count)

After those two intervals, we moved back to the flag where Spinal tap led us in box cutters till 6:15.

All-in-all a really good workout and it really pushed us to the limit and made us stronger.

Prayer Requests

-rest and recovery for all pax

-quick recovery for his back and shoulder for Silverback

-prayers and praise to the Situation for closing his second duplex

-Prayers for Abu’s dad

-Prayers for Kingpin going through radiation therapy

-praise and prayers for Spinal taps daughter at the Governor’s school

-quick recovery for Patch

-Prayers for Scotty moe’s Family

-Fruity Peebles brother-in-law for traveling both to NC and back to Italy for his deployment

-prayers for all our service men and women.

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