A co-worker and YHC were talking about Winterville and some trails. He asked if YHC had been on a certain trail. Looked it up and thought it could be done here @ #TheSandlot. So the idea has been twirling and waiting for the lighting to be right. Took an open spot on the calendar. Kept thinking YHC should stop by and see if it’s like Satellite shows. Finally, yesterday after worked the investigation began. On one side it didn’t look like it was as possible, but couldn’t get a great view. The other side was wide open, but couldn’t get close enough to drive it due to someone having a family outing on a golf cart. As we gathered, Past Due was certain that YHC was going to steal his idea for next week. Disclaimer was given in YHC’s post on the #TwitterMachine to wear NoxGear, Headlamp, or some other safety equipment. The PAX knew that YHC was serious when the NoxGear made an appearance!


Stretch before 0530 or run @ 0500.

The Thang

Leave the Park and take a left, take another left onto Church Street, sweep for the six at Laurie Ellis. Here YHC asked Past Due if this was his idea, he said it was similar. We continued till we got to Winding Meadows Lane and again swept for the six. We took a left and the warning was given that this territory was uncharted, but looked doable. We headed straight into the unknown. Soon many PAX were mentioning how wet their feet were getting. We arrived to a house and took a left onto a trail that would got to the destination on the satellite. Soon we realized this wasn’t the case, so we took another left, which eventually ended. So we took another left which took us back to that house, so we took a right to go back towards Church Street. We then swept for the six at Jeremy Lane. We took a right onto Jeremy and followed it around. A right onto Laurie Ellis was next, followed by a quick left onto Ellis Landing. That runs into a right onto Lafollette, quick right onto Barefoot, followed by a quick left Ange, then another into the Park. We ran back for the six and waited to dry off. YHC asked Past Due again how the idea was and he said he would have to step his game up!


Hopefully no tick damage and praise for safety.

Duff and the loss of his farther.

Abu’s Dad was Prostate Cancer diagnosis.

Die Hard & Past Due’s family members with health issues.

YHC closed us in prayer.


Lunch today was at Peaden’s. Low attendance the last 2 Tuesday’s. Try again next week…

Regional F3 Gear open for order for another week.

Dad’s Camp, limited spots @ Camp Seagull in Raleigh.

#TheSasquatch will be Saturday, July 27th! Stay tuned for the pre-blast!


I was thankful that the PAX were safe and didn’t leave me for dead! Their was much #mumblechatter and for good reason! This was the most mileage I have got in some time on a Tuesday. I was surprised to even see it recorded due to where we were. I like to do knew new things at my queues, keeps it interesting and challenging! Today was no different. Many PAX wondered why we couldn’t just run on Main Street…

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