YHC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Patch, Stabler, Haaavaad and Candy Cane met for EC at 0600 to complete day 12 of the ruckmas challenge. We delivered canned goods to the joy soup kitchen 

We circled back to 3rd street and met up with BJ, Bartman and Padre. 

The crew headed to the parking garage where we would Ruck to the top deck and perform 10,10,10…10 squats IC, 10 Merkins IC (that’s 20 for those of you counting at home) and 10 Flutter kicks IC then shuffle to the bottom. Rinse and repeat 6X.

Head back to the flag for COT/BOM

Prayer requests:

4-Leaf surgery 

Haaavaad’s M epidural 

Patch’s M & 2.0 

Dude Perfect & West Coast dog

Stabler’s mother-in-law blood pressure 

Stabler’s M job transition

Closed hand 

Families struggling around holidays 

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