SO I stepped on up to helpa bruhtha out. I got to BLP, placed my Tire and Dumbells strategically around the SF. I arrived before the Jaguar this gloom. It was a fine day as the SF was planted and 4 men showed up and we began what we do.

Started with the Pledge of Allegiance as an order to begin our day, grateful to be here and alive to do it. Completed some stretches of the arms and circles and stretches of our legs, Good Evenings, SSH. FOund our 6’s on the ground for multiples of WWII’s and WWI’s. Went to the Wall, Good Posture for PPl’s Chair recommended for 25 counts, up and down a few times. Straight to some Planking exercises mingled with Merkins at this point. Increased the Count on the Wall to 30. …… Halt.

Move from the wall toward the retaining wall near the baseball field for a few Butkis Rounds with a holler to Adrieanne just for the hell of it. Went onto the nice field and in the grass, we met Jack Webb. Jack had us doing the Merkins (up to ten) and Hallelujahs up to ‘Fitty’ (no far ants here fellas).

Headed toward the SF where we ‘Best Paced’  to complete a Merkin or Two, then Ran Backwards each time we ran up to 4 times. When we gathered back from running, Plank, WWII’s, Windshield Wipers (Redbox-courtesy) and Flutter Kicks. LIne up run some more and threw in a few burpees for good measure and called it a day (that the Lord made).

TMCKEE+YHC+CC prayed us out. Titanic-Kidney stone(s), King Pin and Abu’s dad having had prostate surgeries and treatments, Bookworm’s 2.0 traveling today from Florida back to G’Vegas (12 hour), Our: Teenagers, Patch, Congress, Nation and President Trump.

Sasquatch reminders…….Men, (and Hiny) it helps to serve. Ya’ll helped me today and hope you felt swolt and served.


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