It was an extremely foggy morning at Boyd Lee Park. Haavaad, Tap, Backhoe & Stabler got in a little EC Ruck for about 2.8miles. Got to the flag at 0530 and was joined by four other PAX. No FNGs so short disclaimer given and we were off.

Warm Up

  • Pledge
  • SSH x11 IC
  • Butt kickers x11 IC
  • The following four exercises (x11 IC) and in between, PAX were instructed not to put their hands down; forward arm circles, backward arm circles, seal claps and hallelujahs

The Thang

YHC told the PAX that he was dusting off the Boyd Lee Files and with 2021, the book had new chapters and new beatdowns. YHC called on the site Q for the first chapter and Khakis chose the driveway/circle. PAX would perform Lt. Dans the length of the driveway until they got to the circle; plank for the six. Once all PAX got to the circle, YHC told all PAX to grab a spot on the circle for a few rounds of the Merkin Ring of Fire. 5 merkin exercises were called (x10 IC) by different PAX. The merkins performed were; regular merkins, wide-arm merkins, ranger merkins, hand release derkin (feet on curb) and diamond merkins.

After chapter 1, YHC called on the PAX with the biggest guns in F3 ENC for the next chapter… Haavaad chose the rock pile. Once the PAX got to the rock pile, YHC instructed each PAX to choose their rock wisely. PAX grabbed their rocks and started to circle up when YHC told the PAX just because we were at the rock pile, it didn’t mean that we were staying at the rock pile so YHC instructed them to head to the baseball field. Lots of grumbling at this point because for some reason, YHC has gained a bad rap when it comes to the baseball field and the pain that takes place there 😉 Once PAX got to home plate, YHC had everyone grab a partner. YHC then had the partners face each other and switch rocks. Tap drew the short end of the stick this time as his partner was Haavaad and his grab the boulder. Once rocks were switched, YHC said this chapter would be “Dora Rocks.” Exercises would be performed at home plate by partner A; 100 overhead press with rock, 200 curls with rock and 300 goblin squats. Partner B would mosey with their rock overhead to the foul pole (320ft) and then mosey back. Partners would flapjack until all the exercises were complete.

After chapter 2, PAX put their rocks back and YHC called on Spinal Tap for the last chapter and he chose the wall. At the wall, PAX would perform People’s Chair while each PAX member would take turns bearcrawling roughly 35 yards and moseying back. Next round was BTTW while each PAX member would run to the third tree (50 yards) and back. And for the third round, PAX got back in BTTW and did a round of chicken peckers (5 count by each PAX).

Getting close on time, did a few rounds of Mary until 0615 and the COT.

Prayer Requests

  • Pitt County Public Schools; teachers, parents, students, BOE
  • Those still battling through COVID


  • YHC has the Q tomorrow at The Clydesdales
  • MaBell has the Q Friday at Blast Off
  • Patch has the Q Saturday at 116. After the workout, there will be a community service project at 3rd Street Community Center to help with some cleanup
  • Silverado has the Q next week at Build Up

During the COT, YHC talked briefly about the importance of reaching out to those PAX that we have not seen out often. We all get caught up in the habit of our everyday lives and to no fault of our own, sort of just focusing on our little bubble but when you look outside that bubble, there are a lot of PAX going through some serious stuff; family issues, health, job related, financial, etc. We don’t know these details until you reach out and ask. As men, we tend to bottle things up as many of us are too embarrassed to ask for help so sometimes it just takes that one person to show that they care. Cold-Cut and Charlie Brown do a real good job at this as so do a few others. But the rest of us, including YHC, simply do not. So this morning, I challenged each PAX to go through the directory or to think back and find that one person you have not seen and reach out. Get them to an AO and be there yourself. If they can’t go to an AO, go ruck, run or walk with them and if they can’t do that, go grab coffee or lunch. Not only will that 2-3min call/email/text benefit that person but you’ll benefit as well. So YHC challenges everyone to reach out to that one person over the next week. Until next time…

Stabler Out

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