In order to give a preview for the gents doing twelve days of Christmas, we did a miniature version this morning.

Warm Up:

  • Side Straddle Hops (15)
  • High Knees(15)
  • Butt Kickers(15)
  • Follow Me (1/3 Mile Loop)

The Thing

In an area separated by 15 yards we did down backs, at one end you did 7 squats and at the other you did 7 Mericans.

After every 4th time through that rotation you would do the 1/3 mile loop that we did previously.  Once everyone made it through their 12 rounds and 4 trips around the loop we got back on our lines.

We continued to go on the same routine, minus the 1/3 mile loop.  We had 12 minutes left, so we did AMRAP for 10 of those minutes.  Each time down the 15 yards, we stopped and did 5 big boy sit ups/5 Row The Boats.

Once the time was up, moseyed back to the circle for some plankorama.

  • Regular 15 seconds
  • Right Arm Up 15 seconds
  • Left Arm Up 15 seconds
  • Right Leg Up 15 seconds
  • Left Leg Up 15 seconds
  • Propel yourselves up.



Name the two FNGS: Big Orange and Delorean

Announcements: Splashing Woodies Run/Ruck at Fairfield tomorrow.  Phoenix VQ Row The Boat on Thursday, Runt Q at Silverbacks, Chestnut Q Disco Trail.

Prayer Requests: Girl in Joey’s class(Taz’s 2.0) suffering from Cancer, Black Tip’s back, Burpee and our country.


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