Planted the flag and we started on time 0530

First order of business was saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Warm Up- 25 SSH, 20 Good Mornings, 20 arm circles forward and 20 backwards, 25 Merkins

Mosey to the Pirate

Workout- 11’s exercise with Derkins or Inclined Merkins and then run thru the ally way to the pic neck  tables and do Merkins

3 Sets of dips doing 25 then running over to stairs and back to do next set.

Mosey over to Tennis courts and did 4 corners.

1st Corner- 25 Flutter Kicks on my Cadence 4 count

2nd Corner- 25 LBC’s led by Noonan on his Cadence 4 count

3rd Corner- 25 Supermans on my Cadence 4 count

4th Corner- 40 Merkins on my Cadence down count 1=1

We all ran back over by the flag and did peoples chair. 20 count around the horn

Then we Bear Crawled on cement bench like thing around the flag

Ended with 10 Hallelujah on my up

Prayer request for our nation and everyone struggling with depression, alcoholism, addiction, mental illness. Pick someone up that might need someone just to bring the positive word to them. Call a pax you haven’t seen in awhile. Pray for all the Pax that have COVID. Praise for the 13 HIMS who showed up this morning.

It was a great morning to be out in the gloom this morning. I really enjoyed getting to Q all these great HIMs who chose the harder thing and got out of bed and came to get better. It was great to see everyone pushing!! Great job PAX!!!




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