After  some introductions and a short disclaimer, we ran!

  • We took off from Elm Street Park up to 1st Street.  Fast guys go back for the 6.
  • From there, direction was give to go to the boat ramp.  Apparently, there are multiple boat ramps in the area so clarification was given to Aquaman that we were going to the one at the Town Commons.  Fast guys always go back for the 6.
  • After running down by the boat ramp and up the hill, we took off for #116 at Third Street School where we did as many hill repeats up and down the valley on 3rd Street as time would allow until 6am.  Several got at least 3, most of us got a couple in.
  • At 6am, direction was given for the Fast Guys to go back the way we came, and the rest of us took off to the 4th Street Parking Deck, where we grouped up with the 6 and then headed back to ESP down 4th Street.


  • After name-a-rama, we named 2 FNGs:  Michael Babinec works with Tonka and The Situation and is forever known as Streaker (thank you Aquaman).  Thad Dove works at Farm Credit and came with Hot Spot and will forever be known as Notebook (thank you Hot Spot).
  • Prayer Requests: Mayhem’s son, Aquaman’s mom, Hot Spot’s mom, Silverback’s surgery on Monday
  • Announcements:  Lunch at Asaka, Sasquatch sign up, and next Tuesday, there is a Run Convergence with Sand Lot and Run Strong… details coming.


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