I always enjoy the call to Q Runstrong.  One of my favorite AO’s to Q.  Last year I enjoyed hitting up TheSummit, it was during BRR training and running those hills with intent was beneficial for the PAX.  YHC decided to bring back the beatdown that I handed the week prior to TheSummit starting last year.


Ran down Elm St to 1st st. (circled back for 6) took a left on 1st to Summit (circled back for 6) Up Summit down 2nd St.  End to end of 2nd st, over and back was 1.  Went after 4 sets, all PAX took on the challenge and won.  Headed back to the shovel flag, circling back at 1st/Elm and at ESP.  Al Gored for the 6 to get in.


Silverback recovery

Angus’s Sister Angie to have strength during her cancer battle

C12 business leaders as they use their business to lift up God

Sherry Berry the elevator lady as she retires


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