Little Rocket awaiteth….So, I enjoyed the ride to Triple S in Farmville. I made my BINGO Tile, upper right corner Hot Pursuit. While entering the hallow ground, the local deputy was there enjoying already a special Little Rocket biscuit. Pleasantries thought about and I sat for a bit. The ride from G’Vegas to the Farm’deVille was still 25 and I had to put in work 60 minutes by my Lonesome.

Flags were posted all along the work out route for me today. 69 was not the posted speed limit in this quaint shire; however, there are definitely some that would believe that it is the favorite number for traveling activity. After Q’ing and calling cadence was over with all the walking, my just reward was waiting down the street.

I prayed for my brothers that they did not fall astray or be sick and if so to grant peace and wellness. I prayed for hurting PAX members and healing.  There are lots of hurt to go around. Jesus reminds us to bring all our stuff and burdens to Him (HIM), cast them upon Him and he will carry them. Where were the followers of Christ on Saturday? Maybe scared, confused, uncertain, fearful for their lives. Jesus on the Palm Sunday before rode into the capital, Jerusalem with people celebrating, anticipating him to overthrow the government. He had taught and healed 3 years before this Triumphant Entry. Maundy Thursday happened (The Last Supper of Christ). Judas left quickly from the Supper to fulfill what he was to do. Jesus, he was in the Garden afterwards when soldiers came to arrest Him. He went to trial illegally. He was Crucified on a Cross; there He bore My/Our Sins.

Saturday (the Sabbath) came and uncertainty. The Disciples did not know what to do. Their leader was dead, though He said He would return. Will He………..they thought?

Sunday is now here; the Lord’s Day. Resurrection Sunday. Jesus is not to be found in the Grave. Our Sins too were buried in the grave. He (Jesus) is Alive. Is He alive for you today. In GOD we Trust, well do we?

The 4th Annual Sunrise Worship Happened today. Easter morning 4/21/19. Thank you Charlie Brown for asking. Thanks Vandelay, String Bean, Fruity Pebbles and Mayhem for assisting in worship. Thanks to all who came and participated.

Cold Cut, YHC

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