The PAX rolled in ready to run at 5:30. A large number were finishing up extra credit that began 30 minutes earlier. YHC gave instructions to run the Jack Jones loop. This will be an out and back for those not reaching the half way point by 5:57. Problem is, YHC was not sure what the half way point was.


The Thang

The PAX rolled out.

YHC, Wedgie, Half-Pipe, and Shake and Bake all set out at a 7:20 or less pace.

Followed by The Hot Spot, Arkansas, Sparks, Floater Silverback, Spalding, and Cousin IT.


The group YHC was in made it back with only about two minutes to spare (although Shake and Bake had been running circles around us).


We saw a couple guys who did an out and back come in on time (Cousin IT, Silverback, Floater), but there was a large group of guys missing for several minutes. They had accepted the challenge of making the full loop. They may not have done it on time, but they got it done. About five minutes late Arkansas, The Hot Spot, Sparks, and Spalding made it back.







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