Diehard did a Q poll, so of course I obliged to Q.  I enjoy Winterville Run Club because I am able to run on a Tuesday without trekking across town which is hard during the school year.  Route was set so let’s roll.

Down on Sylvania to Main Street.

Down Main Street to Old Tar

Old Tar to Winterfield Dr.  Stop At Cousin It’s house to see if he would make us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No such luck.

From It’s house down OId Tar cutting through Food Lion, down Main, left on Ange for one final push to the flag.

Prayer Requests:

Jahmya Hargrove (7th grader at Hope) in the PICU after getting caught in a rip current at Emerald Isle of Spring Break.

Student at Rafiki’s M’s school getting struck by a car over break.

Muggsy and some lingering knee issues.

Bambino and the job hunt.


HDHH at Tapped tomorrow at 6:00.  5K at 5:30 with Past Due.


Today was all about running to It’s house.  During the disclaimer I may have mentioned it being 2.2 miles there, but was a little longer.  I also mentioned the fog and how visibility is low, so I stressed the importance of being safe.  As we come into running season and preparing for races, remember just because we think cars see us, they may not always or be paying attention.  It is important to be proactive, and bring lights and reflective gear as we run and most importantly BE SMART!


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