YHC does not make it to the Sandlot often but, YHC loves the group of guys that run here. They keep YHC motivated and push YHC to get a little bit better. YHC was building the route and picked one that went on Old Tar which is normally heavily traveled so normally try to stay away, but YHC figured with the holiday week and less traffic that we would be safe. YHC declared in the COT that this route would be forever known as the RED BOX. But PAX started saying that is more of a rectangle. YHC was going to state the obvious that boxes come in more than one size and they are not always square, but looking at the PAX faces and steam coming off their heads, YHC thought YHC would just keep it simple and agreed that we ran a rectangle!?!

Warm-up – None required

The Thang – The Route:

Turn Right out of Sandlot
Left on Ange across Cooper
Right on Main
Left on Old Tar (Cut thru food lion parking lot)
Left on Vernon White
Left on Mill
Left on Sylvania
Right into Sandlot

Count O Rama and Name O Rama – 12 PAX, picture and NOR posted to socials

Prayer requests
Hotspot wife’s family visiting for holidays
Aquaman – His Ex has fell off the wagon and since they share custody of his boys it is hard on them.
Wedgie – Neighbors family, 4 with COVID-19
RedBox- safe travels to Ohio to visit Mom

Closed with prayer.

Friday convergence at the stadium.
2 turkey trots in Greenville.

I enjoy one part of writing these backblasts and it is this part at the end where I always mention a few things that are on my mind.
Since this is my last post before Thanksgiving I wanted to mention how thankful I am to the men of F3ENC and the F3 organization.
F3 has given me friendship, leadership, accountability, opportunity, compassion, love and allows me to have a deeper understanding of myself.
Oh yeah, and a little bit a fitness. I know that no matter what the weather or workout is, that I always have a great time and feel awesome the rest of the day.
So this holiday is perfectly named, Thank you for giving so much to me.


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