IPC- Week Three. Wobbling Legs. No one else came out to The Schoolyard. There was a ROTC guy who showed later, doin his own thang.

2 minute¬† “B” the Emom. Using timer in between exercises.

50 Kraken Burps [three hand releas merkins, then burpee]. Until done. Running back and forth 50 yards. One Lap.

50 BDE’s (Burpee, Jump Lungin [Bonnie Blairs], 2=1, Squat) until done, running back and forth. Two Laps.

50 Jump Lungins [Bonnie Blairs]. Running back and forth, until done. Three Laps.

I don’t mind the burpeeezzzz.

Running suckt. I can, but only when I has 2.


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