23 awesome men showed up in frigid Gloom at the Silverbacks at Barnett Park. May have been a record at this AO!

Welcome and Disclaimer- Emphasized for Pax to try to keep distance from each other as much as possible. Also with the CSAUP coming up this Saturday mentioned to modify as needed on all exercises.


  1. SSH x 15 (IC)
  2. Good Mornings x 10 (IC)
  3. Merkins x 10 (IC)
  4. Arm Burners x 10 all 4 ways (IC)
  5. Makhtar N’diaye x 5 (IC)
  6. Hillbillys x 10 (IC)

The Thang:

Next we mosey’d to the baseball field and lined up at the foul line for some BLIMPS. Oh and there was music (90s rock)

  1. First pole- 5 Burpees
  2. 2nd pole- 10 Lunges each leg
  3. 3rd pole- 15 Imperial Walkers
  4. 4th pole- 20 Merkins
  5. 5th pole- 25 plank jacks
  6. 6th pole- 30 squats

it was so much fun we decided to do it again!!

Next we partnered up for some DORA 1,2,3 (modified). One partner did the exercises while the other one went to the batting cage and did step ups with high knees: 100 merkins, 150 LBCs, 200 squats

It was almost time so we circled back up at the flag but we had a few minutes left and being that its Christmas, and at Christmas we must work on our core, it was time for Little Merkin Boy. Played Bing Crosbys “Little Drummer Boy” and everyone planked and when Bing hit the Rumpumppunpum we all did a merkin. it was 3 minutes of Christmas Joy!

Cool down


prayers: Sissy bar and his M, LT Dan and his M and everyone with COVID, Eric Sowers, Lee Howell, Chestnuts father in law, Jason and Shannon Jones, Permits neighbor, everyone going through a tough time at Christmas

Announcements: 12 days of Christmas Saturday, PAX lunch today, Disco Trail- Friday, Greyhounds running Friday

Thanks again to Runt for letting me Q and for everyone showing up to support. Love all you guys and just love what F3 is doing in this community and what it has already done in my life.


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