Today was a big wet mess. Rain was predicted, which meant that only real men would dare to post. 6 studs posted this morning to experience a little bit of Christmas.

Lynyrd brought my sandbag back after using it for his Pathfinder course, so we hoisted that and took off for the 4th St parking deck. There was a surprise at the bottom of the deck in the open space. It was a white board with the 12 Days of Christmas Ruck program from Here’s how it went down.

On the ___ day of Christmas, Saint Bomber gave to me…
1 Push-up with your heavy ruck on.
2 Simple Squats.
3 Overhead Presses.
4 Man-makers.
5 Foooouuuurrrrr Count flutter kicks.
6 Body weight push-ups.
7 Rucks a thrusting.
8 Front hold lunges.
9 Standard sit-ups.
10 Rucks a curling.
11 Mountain Climbers.
12 Monkey F*ers.

We then divided into pairs and grabbed one of the KB there – we went up fast, switched pairs and Bells and down at a more reasonable pace. We switched pairs again and moseyed back to the Flag to get there right on time.

BOM/COT – Prayers for being a father and helping our 2.0s when they need it, especially when things are not going well. Prayers for those traveling

Moleskin – Today was a good day. Of the 6 pax, only YHC has done a GORUCK event yet. That meant that the other men have a good opportunity in 2019 to Embrace the Suck in a good way. The next F3 GrowRuck is on March 22-24, 2019 in Richmond. YHC will be part of the training team, so a clown car is on the way. Several guys are doing parts of the F3 HTL Custom in Churham on the 1st of March. There is a GORUCK Tough/Light Bagdad in the Triangle in May and the Charlotte 50 Miler Star Course in June.

The trick of today was to get completely worn out and the experience how moseying with some weight allows you to get your feet back under. That way you can do it again for 11 more hours. Breaking down the Suck and taking things in small steps (like literally counting 20 paces) helps get through any tough situation.

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