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It’s been a while since yhc q’d at #WSS, so it was time to do so again!  2.0’s were showing up, pax rolling in, yhc was excited to q and share a little bit of info on #Polynesian/Samoan #Wrestlers.  Great to see pax who were on IR back in the gloom!  Circled up, disclaimer given, and off we go…..


  • Yhc asked the pax if they knew what the Sgt. Slaughter was (21 burpees).  Mumblechatter started early and often from here.  We did however NOT do it, just wanted to see if the pax knew what it was.  Plenty of sighs of relief heard.
  • Burpee – 1 oyo
  • Good mornings – 10 IC
  • Burpee – 1 oyo
  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Burpee – 1 oyo
  • Merkin – 5 4ct IC


  • Mosey to first corner (corner of Sanctuary and school) for an introduction to our first #Samoan #Wrestler.  A brief intro to our wrestler, and then a set of exercises for SEVENS were given according to the wrestlers finishing moves.  After each station, rotated ccw to next corner for next wrestler.
    • Samoa Joe – MUSCLE BUSTER – Samoa Joe is a brawler and downright beast.  So yhc chose some exercises that reflected this character.
      • Samoan Burpees (lunge/lunge/squat/burpee) and Thors.
    • Yokozuna – STINKFACE – This dude was a whopping 500 lbs and was the first Samoan to ever win a WWF title.
      • Sumo Jump Squats and Ab Ski Merkins – Chatter this morning was fire!  Pax made sure yhc didn’t hear though.  Maybe the reputation of making stuff up that required 10 movements had something to do with it?
    • Rakishi – RUMP BUSTER – Rakishi was a breakdancing, 300 lb wrestler that loved to put the dance moves on his opponents before defeating them.
      • J-Lo’s and Jump Lunges 
    • Roman Reigns – SPEAR/SUPERMAN PUNCH – A new generation of Samoan wrestlers is highlighted by this long haired, Samoan tatted, beast of a man.  He’s also going to battle with leukemia, and beating it at the time being.
      • Yhc realized that time was running short, so instead of doing 7’s, we did some 7 – Superman turnovers IC.
    • Jimmy Superfly Snuka – SUPERFLY SPLASH – An old-school wrestler who was one of the wrestlers who brought swag to the WWF.  His high flying off the top rope splashes were some of the most athletic moves of his time!
      • Swerkins and Knee up pull ups
    • The Rock – ROCK BOTTOM – This man needs no introduction as he has gone from pouch wearing, turtleneck styling, greatest smack talker in wresting, to probably the biggest movie stars in the present!
      • Pax were to line up along the sidewalk at the flag facing the fence.  Bearcrawl to fence and Crabwalk back for 2 rounds.
  • Circle up, as yhc told the pax about being inspired by Hulk Hogan’s 3 count hand raise.
  • Finished off with a MMA punch combo sprawl.  Pax were to execute any punch-combo and sprawl when each pax called out sprawl going around the circle.


  • Patch’s 2.0 – school decisions
  • Abu’s Dad – Praise for successful surgery and prayers for recovery
  • Kingpin’s Chemo
  • All Dad’s
  • Praise for fngs this AM – Chewie (Just the tip’s 2.0) and KoolAid (Pulp’s 2.0)


  • Sign up for Sasquatch
  • Donate water/gatorade to Gramma, Bambino or MaBell
  • Patch has the Q at WSS next Friday

Moleskin:  Yhc hasn’t watched wrestling in years, but has always been inspired by the athleticism and grit these men/women put on for show.  Especially the old school wrestlers like Hogan who would be put in a sleeperhold, look like he’s been defeated, and on the last hand check, that hand would come back up, shake, and he would make his way back up.  The opponent would try his best to land combos but to no avail.  Hogan would then deliver the devastating leg drop and finish off his opponent.  Yes, all is scripted but yhc can lear from this.  There are times life seems to have us in the sleeperhold, have us down, but when we put our trust in God, we can hulk up through His strength, rise up, look the enemy in the eye, deliver that leg drop, pin the enemy down, and hear that “one, two, three!”  Victory!

Blessings – FP

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