Well Stern asked me to Q the Build Up and of course, Mayhem said yes! Good motivation to help me defeat the fartsack and make it back to Boyd Lee Park. Been spending too much time away lately and need to get back in a good routine.  Anyway…..put together a plan, showed up plenty early to the shock and awe of many in attendance……and we started promptly at 5:30.

Warm Up

  • Good Mornings  x 12
  • Good Nights x 12
  • SSH x 12
  • Butt Kickers x 12


Wanted to get everyone WARM because it was COLD!  Run a lap around BLP and do a Dave Doeren at the end (58 LBCs and 3 Burpees). Plank O Rama for the six. Thank you Spinal Tap for leading that!

Rinse and Repeat.

Mosey over to the Rock Pile.  YHC has missed the rock pile. Advised the pax that we would NOT be running with our rocks, so be aggressive with your selection.

  • Curls for the girls  x 12
  • Rose for the Bros x 12
  • Tricep Extensions x 12
  • The Lion King x 12 (squat with your rock and as you stand up, thrust lift your rock above your head)
  • Elf on a Shelf x 8 (kind of like a Russian twist except you lift your rock UP onto the shelf in between) ; these sucked and YHC knew we had more coming, so 8 was enough!

YHC told the PAX to partner up. We were going to spell PIRATES with our excercises; One partner runs to shovel flag and back to the circle, while the other partner does the exercise AMRAP. Flap Jack.

  • P – Plank Jacks
  • I – Imperial Walkers
  • R – Ranger Merkins
  • A – American Hammers with the rock
  • T – The Lion King with the rock
  • E – Elf on a Shelf with the rock
  • S – Squats with the rock

YHC made a read on the PAX and abbreviated the running after R to two laps around the traffic circle. The traffic circle looked like Bristol Motor Speedway and it kept everyone in sight. Better plan.

Run back to the shovel flag……..Grammar called Jailbreak. Time left for a few MARY exercises:

  • Heels to Heaven – Grammar
  • Flutter Kicks – Gamecock
  • Freddie Mercuries – Gamecock


Count O Rama and Name O Rama

Prayer Requests

Grammar and his M both had trouble with National Boards and Series 7 exams that they were taking for their respective work. Prayers for them as they push through and take them again. YOU CAN DO IT !

Several injured PAX: Hot Spot, Hot Pursuit, Pied Piper, Soul Train’s back hurting


Next Tuesday wrapping party at Cypress Glenn (Not Rapping Party)

Holiday Heros Website

Aquaman Birthday December 21st and MOVIE

Happy Hour 12/12/18 after 5p at TAPPED


YHC needs more Boyd Lee in my life!  I think sometimes we can spread ourselves thin and get out of a routine.  I have done that with my F3 habits and it shows.  I plan on getting our to BLP at least twice a week, in addition to my co-Q duties at The RUSH on Thursdays. Need to get back to RUCKING on TUESDAYS!  Of course this all depends on me getting to bed at a descent hour…….which did not happen Wednesday night. Anyway……..prayers for Mayhem. KEEP ME IN LINE!!

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