Good Morning!

It was a chilly morning but overall it wasn’t too uncomfortable. It was good to see everyone this morning.

We did a quick warm-up with squats, SSHs, high knees and butt kickers then we indian ran around to the backside of the stadium. YHC led the men in about 10 minutes of stretching and some talk. Then we did tree sets of Squats, merkins ad WW2s. Indian run to the playground at elmhurst for some 7s with pull-ups and dips. Then we moseyed back around near the flag to the stairs and we did some interval training with running stairs and calf raises. Back to the flag for some mary and that’s a wrap. Good workout.

COT-Prayer requests for injured Pax, prayers for those fighting cancer.

I really enjoyed this week. it was great to see everyone!

God Bless! Panther outt



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