Good Mornings- 2 IC

Burpees-10 (Warm-up done!)

Lap around the building.

Team up for a old school vs new school challenge.  I picked the teams based on who was around when I started and we were one off, but we modified as needed:

Old School:


Cousin IT


New School:

Fruity Pebbles

Deep Dish

Spinal Tap

Soul Train

Round 1:

100 Pull-Ups

100 Spider Merkins

75 Donkey Kicks Race to the front of the building. (Old School Won!)

Losers do 10 lunge-jump burpees

Round 2: Relay race around the building.  It was close but old school prevailed again!

Round 3:

100 Shoulder Tap Merkins

100 WW2’s

100 Mule Kicks: Race to the soccer field.  We win again:

At the soccer field complete:

100 Burpees, while the other two fireman carry or buddy carry to midfield.  New School took this one as the 100 burpees were knocked out much faster by 4 men then 3!

Finish for 2 minutes of Mary with Soul Train and Deep Dish calling cadence.

Prayer Requests:

Scotty Moe and the loss of his brother.

Young lady at my school that broke her femur and had emergency surgery.

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