YHC should have known things would go sour when Cousteau asked right before we started, “Does anyone have an extra kettlebell for Eggplant?” Well, YHC did have an extra KB but it was a 52 pounder that YHC only uses for his 1000 bicep curls he does every morning before posting. However, YHC gave his mere 35 lbs KB to Eggplant and pronounced it would be no problem to use the 52 lbs KB for the workout that had been programmed for a 35 lbs KB… on to The Thang.

The Thang

After a quick warmup of good mornings, squats, and merkins PAX prepared for a 15 minute EMOM. Each minute, preform 6 strict overhead presses, 9 squat pressouts, and 12 goblet squats. This quickly devolved into a scaled version with reps taken away by some and goblet squats scaled to deadlifts for others. Although YHC could see the train coming off the rails, I wasn’t ready to scrap the whole Thang so we moseyed about 100 meters, performed 5 burpees and reported back to the starting position for the next evolution.

The second programmed evolution was another 15 minute EMOM, in which PAX would complete 6 curls, 9 high pulls, and 12 UnAmerican KB swings each minute. This also went off the rails when YHC realized he wasn’t going to be able to pull 52 lbs high enough 135 times. Scaling was needed again, smh. Halfway thru this evo YHC called it. “don’t Q it if you can’t do it” kept replaying in my head. Quickly we called an audible and finished this evolution out together by completing a round of 6-9-12 then moseying 100 meter and back. Brief rest and repeat for the remainder of the 15 rounds.

The final evolution was completed as follows: complete 6 tricep extensions, 9 cleans, and 12 deadlifts. PAX planked until the 6 was done. We then, together, moseyed down to the tree (100 M) performed a burpee, and moseyed back (100 M). We completed this 6-9-12 circuit five times with the burpees increasing by one rep each time.

Finally PAX paired up. PAX 1 completed a 200 M suitcase carry while PAX 2 held a plank on his KB (or rested). We ran the clock out with this one.

Lessons were learned, shoulders were shredded, forearms were pumped, and I think Eggplant may have had a minor heart attack but all in all it was a beautiful morning to struggle toward a common goal with brothers. We saw a lovely sunrise as we grunted and trudged toward the finish line, and we were all glad to be alive when it was over!

Prayer requests: injured and sick PAX, marriages, Cousteau’s sister and her new job search, Grout’s ability to Q the Boyd Lee Beatdown!!

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