With a busy week on multiple fronts, the Q’s did not plan as well as would have preferred, due to time constraints. Yet, the rule still applies…”When in charge take charge!” So we showed up with that mindsight and a halfway decent plan. We may have shown up 2 minutes tardy, like a great site Q does, Abu led pax in SSH (which was in the weinke) and good mornings (not in the weinke). Abu handled the mission and core principles…leaving the disclaimer to YHC. Thanks, Abu for leading by example and coordinating these 2.0 workouts.

The plan, it went something like this…

  • Mountain Climbers 20 – ¬†4 ct
  • Cotten Pickers 10 (led by Tiana) – 4 ct
  • Sun Gods 10 forward, 10 reverse (led by Tiana) – 4 ct
  • Merkins 5 – 4 ct then dads continued to hola plank while 2.0s got on dads back for 5 count by each man
  • Imperial Walkers 15 – 4 ct
  • Copperhead Squats 15 – 4 ct
  • Burpees 5

Relay Race #1

Two single file lines – Adults in one line indian running in reverse, 2.0s in the other indian running forward to the nearest scoreboard and back. 2.0s all immediately treated this as a jailbreak. The penalty was an exercise or 20 of them selected by 2.0s while the winner performed an exercise of less effort. The exercise chosen, the Merkin 20 – 4 ct, while 2.0s did Sun Gods 20 – 4 ct. The indian run was the first of many messes and the beginning of the Dad’s losing streak.

Then, all lined up shoulder to shoulder to sprint to the second tree (about 30-40 yards)

Relay Race #2

Two single file lines – Adults in one line sprinting backward down and back. 2.0s in the other line sprinting forward racing their dad. 2.0s crushed the dads and chose burpees while they did hallelujahs. 20 burpees take longer than 20 hallelujahs. The Q (Tiana) did not have the proper instruction to plank for the six upon completion of hallelujahs. YHC will better prepare the Q next go-round.

Headed to the parking lot, formed two single-file lines – not meant to be a race, but it ended up being one. ¬†Rotating ever second parking line between lunge and broad jump. Upon completing…plank with 2.0 on the back of dad.

Mosey to the picnic tables where we did erkins, step-ups, dips. An unnamed 2.0 informed that PAX that dips are like dipping nachos in cheese (left out a descriptive work or three). Circled up for Jack Webb. Prior to starting Jack Webb, we attempted to roll right (until Q said roll left) and then left (until Q said roll right) while maintaining the integrity of the circle. 2.0’s instructed to roll over adults if needed. Brought out some good laughs, mumblechatter and a hint of dizziness. Next exercise was the Jack Webb that was modified. Swapped the merkins for squats. 1 squat and 4 hallelujahs, up to 10 and 40. Tiana ad Baby Croc may have lost interest at some point during this…

Relay Race #3 – Abu’s idea (and a great one at that)

Two lines – Adults in one line and 2.0s in the other line racing up the playset and down two different slides. This turned out to be the highlight of the hour, especially for the 2.0s. Things quickly went from organized chaos to this is fun…let’s keep going. Proud of Taina for letting Baby Croc lead 2.0s on this last relay. Taina struggles with sharing and with being in control; awesome to see her #giveitaway in a small way. #F3counts

Best way to start a Saturday…working out together, friendly competition, goofing off/laughing, racing to the top of a playset then down the slides and all with Dads/2.0s! Don’t miss out on this opportunity, next month and/or the following months, to build bonds and share leadership principles with your 2.0s. Might even help sell the M on this F3 thing she keeps hearing all about.

Nameorama – We welcomed FNGs Uncle Rico and Chicken Little (2.0). Chicken Little was fired up this morning…can’t wait to see this young stud Q his first workout soon!

Prayers/Praises – Cannot talk these 2.0 workouts up enough…so powerful to hear these 2.0s open up about what is on their heart and learn to share it with others

  • Baby Croc starts soccer today. Prayers for confidence and a fun experience
  • Baby Croc’s teacher’s daughters (2): 1 having heart surgery and 1 having big exam
  • The Rip’s stepbrother is starting soccer also
  • Messi is doing all-county chorus, running track and playing baseball..this young HIM seeking balance with a heavy load
  • Injured and recovering PAX
  • 4 leaf was in a car accident on his first day back out since surgery. Suffered from a concussion
  • Chicken Wangs M and 2.0 headed to concert…praying for safe travels
  • Tiana wanted to lift up baby Asher Sheets and the Sheets family (funeral later on in the day)
  • Abu’s student who’s sister is related to 12 year old who took her life this week. Prayers for all those affected
  • The Rip’s friend had cast removed; praise for healing
  • Praise to Uncle Rico and Ball Drop for joining the workout and staying knowing it was a 2.0 friendly workout. HIM!



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