EC: Patch, Stabler, Ratched, Haavard, NoIDeer.

Good mornings 10XIC
Arm Circles 10X IC forward and backwards

Mosey to the 1st intersection.
Squats 20X IC
Run to 2nd intersection
Merkins 20X IC
Run to 3rd intersection
Plank to squat (frog Humpers ?) 20X IC
Run to 4th intersection
Squat jumps 20X IC

Mosey to the rock pile
Grab a rock
Curls 10X IC
Triceps 10X IC
Goblet Squats 10X IC
Rinse and repeat 3X

Mosey to the circle.
People’s chair for a five count.

Partner up. One partner dips AMRAP while the other runs to the mushroom and does 5 merkins.
AMRAP 3 minutes.

Descending burpees.
Starting at intersection #1. 5 burpees, reduce by 1 until back to the flag.

Circle up for a round of Guantanamo

Line up shoulder to shoulder and sprint from one light to the next.
3X down and back.


Prayers: Those suffering mental illness and the families and friends affected. Injured Pax, HTL boys as they recover.
Announcements: Ruck sim Friday at midnight. Ratched Q at 116. Bench will be at Ruck ready Tuesday. Sign up for an event! Ma Bell will be at good fight!

***Today, Patch requested that we pray for those affected by mental illness and in response, Candy Cane mentioned that he would go see his counselor today. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone. There’s no shame whatsoever in asking for help or talking through your struggle. It doesn’t mean you’re weak it means you want to stay strong. If you need help, please don’t be afraid to ask. Mental health is important. We all deal with the struggles of life, but there is hope. Don’t be afraid to use EC to your benefit. I can’t tell you how many times I have been able to share a concern with a pax member during EC and it helped so much just to know that someone else was helping carry the burden. Your brothers are here for you and an EC is a great way to talk to other men who can offer hope! Let’s take away the stigma that asking for help is something men can’t do. We are ENC strong! Remember leave no man where you found him. Find a brother today and help pull them out of the funk!

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