Pledge of allegiance

Warm up

Side straddle hops

Cotton pickers

Arm circles

Low, slow squats in cadence

Low slow merkins


11’s-10 merkins on one side. Run to a cone in one direction and then return. Do 1 squat. Then run to a cones in one direction and then return. The repeato with 9 . Run again. The 2 squats. Repeato until you get to 1 merkin and 10 squats. You get the idea.


To the rock pile

Curls for the girls

Tricep extensions

Over head press

Bent over row

Rinse and repeat x3

Wall sit while pax runs to tree and back x2

balls to the wall 10 count per pax walking lunges to corner and back in between x3

Mosie to the flag

Merkin merry—10 merkins, the merry of choice, then ten, then merry then ten etc.  Don’t ask we did a lot!

The last minute since we didn’t have 6 everyone shared who and what brought them to F3.  IT was a great one.  Chicken wang got in his first of the y

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