Warm Up:  15 SSH; 15 Butt Kickers; 15 High Knees; 1 Burpee for Fun


The Thang: Split the 8 PAX in two groups and Indian Run in opposite directions on the BLP track and stop when we meet for Jack Webb’s. After JW’s, each group finishes the IR lap around BLP and then mosey to the backstop of the softball field by the tower in the center for:


5 count BTW (by all PAX) followed by alternating 5 merkins and 5 WWI.  Then run down the road to the parking lot for 5 burpees and then back to the backstop for:


10 count of People’s Chair (by all PAX & with your arms up like you’re on a roller coaster) followed by alternating 10 count of shoulder taps and 10 count of LBC.  Then run down the road to the parking lot for 10 burpees and then back to the backstop


We did another round of the above and finished up with a parking lot suicide, jailbreak to the flag, a long 10 count flutter kick by Spinal Tap, 10 count of box cutters by Underdog and one burpee for fun.  615am


Prayer Requests:  The Laughinghouse Family (Chip was killed in a fire in Washington); Chris Carmen battle with ALS


Announcements:  Salt Lick has the Q at First Aid Friday; Fin has the Q next Wednesday at Build Up


Quote of the Day:  “If you want God to do the super, you’ve got to do the natural. Eat the live frog first thing in the morning then you can go thru the rest of your day knowing the hardest task is behind you”


The quote above is from the book Win The Day by Mark Batterson (YHC highly recommends this book).  F3 is like eating the frog.  Getting up early in the cold, hot, rain, etc … is not easy, but at 615am and the rest of the day that frog tastes good because you started your day off right in so many ways.


Awesome group this morning!  YHC, Underdog, Newfie and Spinal Tap got in some good EC around the track and then Flick, Baba Booey, Frank The Tank and Khakis joined us for some boot camp fun.  At the end Flick was asking about breakfast.  YHC told him that was only at the Anniversary convergence.  Then Flick asked about the plank and YHC told him that two workouts in a week is not worthy of signing the plank but hopes he will post again soon.  Keep encouraging others to get out in the gloom.  Until next time


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