YHC was excited to get the chance to Q again from Easy Rider. Knowing that our AAC champs Pirate Baseball had just arrived back in town from their big win, we tried to do some work in their honor, for all their awesome efforts!

Warm up:
Side straddle hops (20)
Good mornings (15)

The thang:

Moseyed over to College Hill and Legacy Hall, with some great mumblechatter about how this was not Oval Office but boot camp.
At the railings between the Legacy Hall buildings:
21 x pull ups
21 x step ups

Moseyed over to Todd Dining Hall and up the steps:
11 x squats
11 x WW1’s
Back and forth between the front of Todd and the front of Jones, up and down the steps.

It was 6:05am so we moseyed back to the flag at Dowdy. With all the extra running, we were all dragging a little.

Closed with some Mary: flutterkicks, freddie mercury’s, supermans.


It’s always a pleasure to get the chance to lead, even when I sometimes feel like I’m making things up as I go. These workouts are something I look forward to every morning I’m able to go, so I’m grateful for these men and this community. Thanks, EasyRider, for the opportunity.

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