The Kinston boys wanted to participate in the 9/11 Memorial Ruck.  After a lot of advertising, five ENC HIMs decided to join us.  Patch gets much respect, 2nd time doing this workout.  Some would call today CSUAP (Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless); however, that was far from the truth with this workout.  

So the workout as prescribed is:

Ruck 1 Mile

Ruck Up 3960 stairs (220 stories)

Ruck 4 Miles


PAX met up at 06:30 at Dowdy Ficklen and took off, carrying the shovel flag, on the 1 Mile Ruck to the Science and Technology Building.  Shovel Flag planted by the stairs and a video was shown on Welles Crowther, the Man in the Red Bandana.  Here is a link to an extended video on Welles by ESPN.

After the video, all PAX were handed a red bandana that we displayed for the remainder of the workout.  We all rucked up the stairs 5 times.

PAX gathered back together and Noonan shared a story on Rick Rescorla.  Mr. Rescorla was credited for saving the lives of 2,700 Morgan Stanley employees.  After he got those 2,700 employees out of the building, he called his wife and said, “Stop crying. I have to get these people out safely. If something should happen to me, I want you to know I’ve never been happier. You made my life.”  Mr. Rescorla went back up the stairs and his body was never recovered!  Read more on Mr. Rescorla here and here.  

5 more ascents waited the PAX, but the mood was pretty somber after hearing about Mr. Rescorla. Once done with 10 climbs up to the top of the Science and Technology building, Abu shared a story about a labrador retriever named Roselle who led his blind owner and several other people down 78 floors of stairs.  More on this story here and a book called “Thunder Dog”.

The first climb up the steps after the story of Roselle was done blindly.  Each PAX held on to the person’s ruck in front of them and we walked together slowly but safely up the steps.  Every member made it without a stumble, TEAMWORK and TRUST!

After 15 flights, the PAX watched a memorial video on 12 unsung African-American firefighters who lost their life that tragic day.  Link to video is here!

PAX took off for the final five ascents up the building.  The workout called for 20 trips up the steps of the Science and Technology building, three PAX got 30 ascents, couple more were 25 plus.  In the end, no PAX made the climb alone!  Shout out to Fruity Pebbles for joining PAX for some of the stair climbs.

After a brief picture by the steps, the PAX all took off on the 4 mile ruck.  We each took a turn carrying the shovel flag for a half mile.  Several beeps of a horn and a couple shout outs accompanied the walk.  PAX arrived back at Dowdy Ficklen a little after 11:00.  

Strong work by some amazing HIMs.  Lot of mumble chatter during the 4 1/2 hours; however, much more reflection and astonishment by all the heroes of 9/11.  We were lucky, we didn’t have the heat, the smoke, the anxiety, nor all the equipment that many first responders carried.  We also didn’t have the feeling of possibly dying that everyone at ground zero experienced.  

Challenge was tough, some went to a place they have never experienced before.  We stuck together and we all finished together.  The country was brought together by these attacks and now we are completely divided.  But today, 10 men representing F3 ENC from different backgrounds and political beliefs all came together in the name of honoring the victims and heroes of 9/11.  Strong day for F3 ENC!  



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